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Recently, I bought car insurance online and in the process, observed a few interesting actionable sales strategy used by a few companies. Did you know that Internet accounts for 18 percent of financial products sold in India?)

To give you certain context, my car policy expired on July 27th and i came to know about this on 29th, hence search started for an insurance company that can renew the insurance without much hassle.

Search, as always started with Google and ended up with the companies who were running ads (congrats Goog)- i.e. ICICI and Bajaj Insurance.

Since the policy was expired, the insurance company had to send a surveyor to verify car details and that's where the fun began.

Bajaj Insurance outrightly told me that I need to go to the nearest dealer to get the process started. Essentially. online selling was restricted to *standard* process and a little deviation wasn't part of the deal.

On the other hand, ICICI did a very simple thing, they took my money, put the renewal…

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Flat 50% off onBackpacks& Luggage Gear [Puma, Amrerican Tourister] @Flipkart
How to get this deal

1.Click hereto go to Flipkart.
2. Buy Backpacks for Flat 50% Off.
New Delhi: Mid-air Holi celebrations aboard eight flights have cost no-frill carrierSpiceJetheavily, with the DGCA issuing show cause notice to the airline and suspending two of its pilots. Sources said that on Monday, the cabin crew of SpiceJet performed a small dance sequence on a song as part of Holi celebrations, with some passengers also joining in.

The videos of these events were taken and uploaded onvideo-sharing websiteYouTube and other social media. In one video, a pilot is seen coming out of the cockpit and taking photographs of the celebrations at the front of the aisle.
Official sources said the act constituted violation of all safety norms and two pilots were suspended.

SpiceJet on March 17 ran eight special flights with extra cabin crew onboard to do a 2.5-minute jigon the occasion of Holi. The airline said it was looking into the issue in cooperation with the DGCA.

It defended itself saying that the cockpit was manned all the time. "The cockpit was manned at all time …
The Immortals of Meluha - the book made huge waves when it got released. It's still one of the most famous books and the best-selling books. Amish Tripathi has done a fabulous job in writing this novel. The way he has portrayed Shiva's character as not a God but a human who has been given the level... - ambar

WOW!! what a book! these were the words that came out of my mouth when i completed this book. it was the first mythology i tried and was super duper awesome!! what an excellent piece or work. the way Amish has depicted the origin of Lord Neelkantha the way he has justified every thing spoken and every thing we have heard from our ancestors was really great. plausible! for all those who do not believe in mythology and the mythological facts, here, this is the book you need to try to get a scientific explanation of those facts if they satisfy you well. this is a legend of a man, a barbarian(as he is considered by everyone), a Tibetan tribal who turns out to be the legend Nee…
Ok so everyone is asking me (specially my brother) that how come my nails are not stained or ugly after constant chemical exposure? As you know, I've been changing my nail polish almost everyday for the 31 Day nail art challenge. In such circumstances it's difficult to keep the nails healthy and stain proof..that's when a base coat come to my what is a base coat? keep reading..

What is a base coat?

Base coat looks very similar to clear polish,but it's not the same! A good quality base coat helps your nail polish to stick to your nail. Base coats are enriched with vitamins like vitamin E or calcium or other proteins,which keeps your nails healthy and prevent them from chipping and breaking.

Sometimes if you apply a dark nail polish like black, you will see that your nails are stained by that particular color, Or sometimes a yellow stain is very visible! Such stained nails look very ugly! Imagine you want to do a french manicure and the white tip looks yellowish.…
Its official. Google has disclosed its plans to build smartwatches based on its Android mobile operating system.

It has announced Android Wear, a project open to software makers to create apps for the watches, putting Google at the forefront of efforts to jumpstart the nascent wearable computing market. The first smartwatches to come powered with the new wearable mobile OS are from LG and the now Lenovo-owned Motorola.

LG will be building the first Google watch, dubbed G Watch, slated to launch in the second quarter. It will be followed by Mototrola's Moto 360 Android watch that is likely to launch sometime in summer this year.

The LG G Watch is a square shaped simple watch built of plastic. It comes embedded with an LCD touchscreen. According to LG, the watch has been designed in close collaboration with Google, and does not carry the Nexus branding. A statement released by the CEO of mobile communications for LG reads, "LG would pull out all the stops in both design and engine…
NEW DELHI: Flipkart, an e-commerce website that partnered with Motorola for the Moto G as the exclusive launch partner in India, has now announced that it will soon launch Moto X in the country. Unlike Moto G, which is targeted at budget conscious buyers, Moto X is a high end Android phone and is likely to cost around Rs 25,000.

Flipkart on its Twitter page said on Thursday that just like Moto G, it would launch Moto X with some exclusive offers. While Flipkart did not reveal a launch date, the phone is likely to be available for purchase before March 20.

In answer to several queries from its Twitter followers, Flipkart said that in India Moto X will launch without Moto Maker, an online tool offered by Motorola in the US. Through Moto Maker, customers can customize the Moto X before Motorola ships the unit to them. But Flipkart said that the phone will be available with wood panel finish in teak and walnut.
"Walnut …


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